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Thursday, July 31, 2014



11-year-old primary school student Liang Yaoyi from Shenzhen suffered from a brain tumour and shortly before his death, he decided to donate his kidneys and liver. On June 6th, his wish was fulfilled and within eight hours, the organs that he had donated were able to save several lives.

He had wanted to become a doctor.


Not my opinion, but powerful nonetheless...


Fifty percent of Americans think intelligent life is out there somewhere, a new poll shows. Nineteen percent think there's no intelligent alien life, and 31 percent say they're not sure. And 46 percent think it would be possible for humans to contact intelligent aliens. But only 37 percent think it's a good idea to try. Twenty-seven percent said it's a bad idea, while 36 percent aren't sure whether it's a good or bad idea.

 I found it interesting that the photo accompanying the article was Arecibo where my daughter used to work.


Two New Mysterious Holes Discovered In Siberia.

 One 50' across and one but 13'.



 Water main was a hundred years old....just like most of them around the country.


Watched a 90 minute documentary - Particle Fever - about Cern. It was very good...

 When the announcement came that they found it, Higgs cried...
 When proved correct he gave credit to the whole team...
 Higgs used math to prove that something existed even though, at the time, there was no way to prove it...
If you like learning stuff, you need to watch it...Netflix. 
I confirmed that I'm a true multiverse guy.


Why is the speed of darkness faster than the speed of light?

You can look this up on YouTube, but the part I watched had to do with shadows.
Here is illustrated the shadow of your finger on the moon. If you move that shadow from point A to point B fast enough, it will travel faster than the speed of light.


10% of rockets fired from Gaza land in Gaza.


We do have several vaccines that have been extremely successful in protecting laboratory animals, including non-human primates, against the Ebola virus.

But what about developing a vaccine for humans?

It's a very long regulatory process. From the time to develop a vaccine for animals in a lab to protecting humans... it's really just a lot of regulatory hurdles and red tape.
Economic factors come into play too. The vaccine companies of course have to be driven by the economic considerations. It's a terrible thing to say, but they have to be convinced that it's economically… worthwhile to provide the vaccine.

You might think this is a cute idea for your child's room...
 This is what I'd put in my child's room...
But old men can be mean and be thought of as "cute"...

There is a graph for EVERYTHING!!

Every time I tell anyone that I’m a grown up, they laugh.

 Bullshit! At least once a year you should submit a report to you supervisor of your accomplishments and aims for the future. They don't have time to note all of your advancements, so just tell him/her.

Never tell your wife that she was prettier last year, even if it’s true and apparent to everyone.

 People who say shit like that have no idea what art is about. 

In Verdun, France, during WWI, over 500,000 human beings died in one battle. Let that sink in a minute.


Do unto others as they do to you…only with more imagination.

One would assume that such things require A LOT of maintenance...

This is one piece of paper...

When you laugh out loud reading “Serves 4” on the box.

 I have no idea what that means, I just wanted to give you something to think about.

 Same place, then and now...

Somebody really didn't think through this wine bottle holder...

Imagine how freaked out animals must be by humans taking off their clothes.

 The world record smell master was the rat, until they tested the elephant, which smell twice as well. And this:
African elephants can smell the difference between two tribes living in Kenya: the Maasai, whose young men prove their virility by spearing elephants, and the Kamba, farmers who usually leave elephants alone.

 Pay attention:
They have found footprints that seem to prove that they hunted in packs. The tracks were first laid down on a flood plane that was later covered in volcanic ash. The prey laid down deep tracks in new mud and the numerous hunters laid down shallow tracks in not so wet mud meaning they followed it later. But there were many of them. 

A cruise missile firing from submarine...

During an earthquake, this is where I want to be...

How do you say "Fuck No" in sailor speak?

 My daughter asked me to refer to her as an engineer instead of a scientist. I am assuming now that she actually builds satellites, she thinks the nomenclature matters.
And this from an expert:
“In the popular mind, scientists and engineers have distinct job descriptions. Scientists explore, experiment and discover; engineers create, design and build.  But in truth, the distinction is blurry, and engineers participate in the scientific process of discovery in many ways.  Grand experiments and missions of exploration always need engineering expertise to design the tools, instruments, and systems that make it possible to acquire new knowledge about the physical and biological worlds.”

One Of My Very Own...
 Have you read the stats of the percentage of US high school students with STD's? Very depressing.

I'm not a gamer, but this still looks like a neat idea...

 Need some advice?
 Nah, I didn't think so...

Shit you don't see everyday...

If I really need a new set of tires, would it be rude to ask my wife to give me her engagement back?

 Come to find out that not 100% accurate, but still impressive.

Why to stay in school #5...

The Beiber face...
 If this catches on I'm never going on line again.

 I watched a film and the only noise it makes is the click of the bolt being blown back by the gas. Impressive.

Well, that ought to satisfy the bitch...

Damn, girl, he hasn't even bought you a drink yet...

“What have you fucked up recently?”

(that's what my wife asks me every evening when she comes home from work)

How hot is down South?
 I was asked to invest in one of these ice machines one time. Back then they cost 10K, but after you get it hooked up all you have to do is fill it with plastic bags and take your money.

I have met a soulmate...

Nostalgia is a liar. Things were never that good.

Whip that shame away, girl...WHIP IT AWAY!

She's got slut written all over her...

A French language textbook...
 Speaking of things French...
It was stated that this resistance fighter smiled during his firing squad during WWII...
But don't his pants fit nice.

 My god! They have solved world hunger!

It usually helps when people take their medicine.

Borrowing Victorian porn periodicals, children’s stories, and books on equine bestiality from the library will probably get you on a government watchlist.

"How much a head start in race with velociraptor..." question answered:

Not to beat up on poor little Velociraptor, but this "speedy thief" (that's what its name means in Greek) wasn't nearly as fast as contemporary ornithomimids, or "bird mimic," dinosaurs, some of which could attain speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. Even the fastest Velociraptors would have been severely hampered by their short, turkey-sized legs, and could probably have been outrun by a human child.

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