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Monday, March 30, 2015

MONDAY #2301

One Of My Very Own...

Try this on for size as you scroll...

Somehow it has become an insult to use Barrack Obama's middle name. Imagine that for a minute. Using a man's given name somehow makes you an oaf. Who makes up this shit? George Walker Bush?


 Every Muslim upon finding out the co-pilot crashed the plane on purpose.


This Syrian child mistook the camera for a weapon and "surrendered."

“Tell the truth, it’s dangerous,” says the host.

“It’s not dangerous to humans,” Moore replies. “No, it’s not.”
“So, are you ready to drink one glass?” the interviewer says.
“No, I’m not an idiot,” Moore says.


There is a company that, for a fee, will mail a potato to the person of your choosing...
What fun.


Read this in a research paper...

"People with dementia need environments that are constant and reliable, and so require little new learning. Living with such people entails embracing the pleasures of patient repetition rather than constant novelty."
I take that to mean that visiting regularly just makes things worse.


Neil Moore was locked up in England's notorious Wandsworth Prison when he used a smuggled cellphone to send an email to the prison that appeared to come from a court clerk who was ordering his release on parole. And they let him out.



A guy made $4M by bringing fake Pez to America to sell...
In a related story, today these things are sold at hefty prices at auctions.  

This Is What We In America Call Freedom Of Choice

The more you talk shit about your ex, the more everyone understands why they left you.

Enceladus orbits within Saturn's E ring
 Enceladus has always been thought of as one of the more remarkable members of Saturn's marble bag of satellites. For one thing, it's dazzlingly bright. The percentage of sunlight that a body in the solar system reflects back is known as its albedo, and it's determined mostly by the color of the body's ground cover. For all the silvery brilliance of a full moon on a cloudless night, the albedo of our own drab satellite is a muddy 12%, owing mostly to the gray dust that covers it. The albedo of Enceladus, on the other hand, approaches a mirror-like 100%. Such a high percentage likely means the surface is covered with ice crystals -- and, what's more, that those crystals get regularly replenished.

 Anyone care to explain that to me?


 Were I on the jury I would set them free...

Nature doesn’t need people.

People need nature.

If this is her response to a minor glitch...
Do not marry this woman.

How in the hell was he allowed to get that close?

the onion

People speaking with vocal fry (a 'creaky' speech pattern increasingly common in American women) were judged as less competent, less trustworthy, and less employable.

If the device automatically transmitted the image to another location, that would be great. No matter what happens, the police would know who did it.

When I was a teenager I watched a documentary that explained that blood was just sea water... 

For the contrarian in all of us...

I would love a pair.

A five gallon can of water thrown into lava...
 And the power of lava...
In reality that's the tip of a mountain.

My kind of humor...

How about reverse profiling? If no bearded 70 year old white guy on a cane has EVER blown up a plane, how about cutting him some slack?


Disposable Income...
 Damn, Australia! Way to go, mate.

Girls, please stop dating white guys with their caps on backwards. It just makes him and by extension you look stupid.

 You can print that out in case you forget how to do that.

 How to piss off Mr. Allnut...
  A name I found rather funny.

Just because I'm a man and she's naked...

With the right attitude any glass is a shot glass.

 What a clever use of language...

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