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Thursday, March 5, 2015


One Of My Very Own...

I ran Tesla up the grandchild naming flagpole and there wasn't much saluting. To 6 1/2 billion people, Tesla would now only be a name of a naming a kid Mercedes or Porsche. So I am countering with Nikola...or Nikolai (which is Russian and means Victory Of The People)

How is it that a country like Iraq can let a few thousand members of a motorcycle-like gang take over huge chunks of their territory and not have a military powerful enough to take it back? Think about it; in one of the most dangerous places on the planet, a whole country can't defeat a group of men who don't even have a helicopter.

The greatest TV ad ever....

My old friend used to be the Assistant Secretary of Transportation under President Carter. Once a women came into his office and said that she had invented a color of green she called "'53 Oldsmobile Green" and she deserved money because the interstate highways system was using "her" color on their signs. Being a consummate politician he smiled and told her that the color selection was the work of 3M and quickly gave her the address and contact person of the 3M office in Washington. The contact person was a personal friend of his and within a couple of days they got together to talk about the dirty trick played on him. But the 3M guy ended up laughing in that he had sent the woman to talk to a guy he didn't like in the paint division of 3M.

Can you see the illusion?
What you are looking at is just the outside wall of the cabin. 
A house is missing and deputies with the Klamath County sheriff's office in Oregon are looking for it.

A Woman riding an Autoped, ca. 1916
 That is also a beautiful photograph. And...
All these years of thinking about it and still no cheap, fun, safe and easy way to move around urban environments.

A whole bunch of people have gotten into big trouble over this button...
 That's why I removed it from my page. Why doesn't more people do that?

Weddings r cool bc u can cry in public about other stuff as long as u look in the general direction of the bride + groom

What a wonderfulWhat a wonder, and demeaning, way to look at it, and demeaning, way to look at it.

 Conspiracy theorists are claiming that the two shiny spots on Ceres seen in photos taken by NASA's Dawn spacecraft are ice or patches of salt. But applying Occam's Razor, a more reasonable explanation is that an alien spacecraft was damaged while going through the Asteroid Belt, and the crew had to bail on the dwarf planet, and are using a signaling mirror as a distress signal. We'll know more as Dawn gets closer to Ceres next week.

 We have seen the scoop arm of a rover reveal white ice under the surface...
We see other orbs with crater bottoms of different colors.

The Sahara Desert helps fertilize the Amazon rainforest even though they're on two different continents that are separated by an entire ocean. The Saharan dust is carried over by wind and the phosphorous in the dust is essential to the Amazon.

This illustrates participation worldwide, but also shows how the bands on Jupiter rotate in different directions...

Another report has been released by the FBI concerning how racist the Ferguson, Missouri Police Department is.  This was done by comparing the percentages of various stops, fines, and arrests compared to the percentage of black people to white people.
Okay, folks, I'm going to go real slow here, so pay attention. Let's suppose you have a town that, like it used to be, had a railroad track running down the middle. And on one side of the track you had rich white people and on the other side you had poor black people. Now let's further suppose that the police department gets 90% of call for assistance from one side of the tracks. If you were a good police chief, where would you allocate your cops and cars?
Of course, you put the cars where the crime is. While these cops are patrolling, they stop more black people. They fine more black people for jaywalking, etc.
So, how do we solve this problem? Do we demand that half of the cops spend half of their time on the "safe" side of the tracks even though there is no crime? Or do we send more cops to the crime infested side of the track but tell them not to ticket people for breaking the law?

It's called gerrymandering...

What if Neo swallowed both pills at the same time?

OHIO!?! I would have bet money this was in Russia. I didn't know Americans got that drunk.

Le Ch√Ęteau de Vigny, a castle, built in 1504 about an hour outside of Paris, could be your new home for around US$ 5.6 million. It's 37,000 square feet on 44 acres and includes an orange grove, stables, greenhouses, bridges, and, yes, a moat.

A painting by Concetta Antico, the artist who is a tetrachromat, meaning a genetic difference in her eyes enables her to see approximately 100 times more colors than an average person.

The Spark Electron is a small component that enables devices to connect to the Internet where there is no WiFi or Bluetooth. The data plan cost $3 a month for one megabyte. That's about 20,000 text messages. 

So he suggests taping a 45 to a drum stick to swat it out of their hands. So I am not the only one sick of that shit.


See anything odd about this?
 It's so fake it is signed by Moe Money. College student was arrested with $13,000 of it in her room.

Let's take another look of the guy loading fish in a truck...

A very interesting short article about mice...

New York, February 26, 1993

Driving in your lane is the adult version of coloring in the lines.

Imagine the first thought that went through the brain of the first caterpillar to turn into a butterfly.

Opinions are like assholes; the internet has desensitized me to them.

I would call this How To Live In A Big City...

Let's talk about feminism. Men and women aren't the same. They do not face the same problems.
 Men don't breastfeed.
 Men aren't raped.
 Men won't be arrested for walking around shirtless.

Some people call it showing someone how you feel about it; others, indecent exposure….whatever.

That last guy thinks two men fucking each other in the ass is a sin. Well, according to the bible it IS a sin, but that's really not the point.

One of my young bartenders killed herself. Hard for me to deal with that. Old people are supposed to die. Young people are supposed to live. 
Very, very sad, that.

My Final Words...

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The world is indeed a dangerous place. Without even meaning to, I have posted a lot of ways to fuck yourself up.
 The soon learned why the US Army doesn't mount those things on pickup trucks...
 I wonder if this is true...
 You would think the boatyard would know this was coming...
 ...and warned the camera crew. They could have been killed.
I proudly announce that I saw something EXACTLY like this one time.
 It happened during the grand opening of a restaurant inside an old train station. Well, as we were eating outside, people didn't realize that the tracks were still used and parked very similar to the clip above. None of the cars flipped like that but a half dozen or so were pushed down the tracks.

 This 12 gauge shoots little burning bits of death. And it WILL set you on fire.
 They said it was perfect for home defense. Yeah, if you don't like your house remaining free of fire.


I hate when I’m ignoring someone but they don’t text or email me so they don’t even know that I’m ignoring them.

I find this extraordinarily beautiful...
 This is not beautiful. It was never intended to be beautiful...
However, it is very nice. He sure made a comment. I'm just a little put off by the symbol on his chest. Please don't tell me that came form some comic book bullshit.

 Just another place I will never visit.

 Man did research and found out that people pay much more attention to signs that have people moving (active) than standing (static)...

Behold the first glimpse of Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen's crazy space venture: The largest airplane in history, a 385-foot wingspan beast designed to carry and launch a giant rocket to space, with a combined weigh of 1,200,000 pounds! 

In any hip coffee shop, shout, "You haven't seen The Wire?" and in the ensuing commotion, leave without paying.

 I've posted numerous things about this in Europe...
With a birth rate below parent replacement there is only one way it can go. But remember the exact same thing is going on all over Europe. 

Spain, France and the good old corn feed USA!
You go, girl! 

Can we assume that is the world's first customer complaint? 

 "Fun Facts" are mostly "Fun Bullshit" with just enough true stuff thrown in to give it legitimacy. This last one is one of the few I care to comment upon.
It is a known fact that the DMZ has about a billion land mines. How is it that the deer looking things don't set them off?

What a wonderful thing to spend some time with...
Did you notice how the tank's barrel elevates up and down?

Ain’t nobody got time for scurvy anymore.

That sounds like a line from a movie...

What is your favorite random piece of general furniture?

This is pretty cut and dried...
The guy is planning to dive over the rail, slips, and does a very bazaar maneuver to save himself. I love the reaction of his But let's look closer. What do you think is happening to his can't see behind the blue sign. He could have lost teeth.
Now a very similar accident...
 How did he do that? Did he just not see the huge chain?

 Banksy in Gaza...

 His philosophy in a nutshell…
 Speaking of writing on walls...from a bathroom stall...
Clever...I like clever.

We all play this game from time to time, don't we...

My daughter's first satellite. She's working on her next one as we speak. The later will orbit the sun.
 Says she: “We designed it to transmit at a frequency in the amateur radio band, so that potentially anyone around the world can help us receive our signal and collect data. They can get the its coordinates, download our decoder, and email the data to our team. Not only does this allow the community to be involved in science, but it also helps us get much more data than we could collect on our own.”
And this is the first retrieved signals...

The Final Word by a very proud parent...

Still got some time?

A recent 5 minute lesson by TED-Ed explains how scientists think complex cells evolved. The animation explains how early single-celled life absorbed other cells and gained new advantages.

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