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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Let's start off with a short clip about spirituality...I'm pretty sure you will like it....

Let’s supposed for a moment that there is a god and that we know this because a single book told us that there was. But then we found out that the book only contains pages that were allowed by just a few people with an agenda of their own. Thousands of pages were omitted because they differed from what these people deemed appropriate to maintaining their power. And even after all the picking and choosing, they left in thousands of contradictions and mistakes. Why would any rational human being accept that every word is from god?
Then the religion that most of you cherish came about because of the Reformation, the rejection of the same authority that picked and chose what you consider an all perfect book. 
Can you imagine living your life with that same degree of gullibility? Guy walks up and says, "Here, take this pill and you will live happily ever after," and you would say, “Prove it.”
So you are a believer in this book anyway. Are you immune to snake bites? Can you speak in tongues? Can you do miracles? Is the Earth 6000 years old? What was Adam's wife's name again?
Why does everyone seem to shut down their crap-detectors as soon as they walk in a church?

Got a comment from a guy that called himself John The Baptist. Which was pretty cool. He observed that nobody knows how DNA formed, ergo that was proof that god did it. 
His argument was presented clearly and with passion and I spent a lot of time readying my reply, but then he sent another comment, this time describing what would happen to me in hell. That made me laugh, which is bad, cause laughing pretty much negates any chance that I could discuss the whole matter without becoming a smart ass. But I owe him better.
Dear John, We don’t know how DNA formed exactly, but there are thousands of very smart people trying to figure it out. On you side of the net, how many of you are trying to pinpoint where heaven is? Or locate hell? Or trying to duplicate the burning of the bush that is not consumed? Or (my favorite) when Moses performed his miracle of throwing down his staff and it turning into a snake, how, exactly, were the Pharaoh’s priests able to duplicate it? Were they able to perform miracles also?
Oh, so, none of you are experimenting for answers to those basic questions? Well…what can I say?

(I have been told that adding those "expression gifs" like the above was too silly. I....don'

Some times words are just words and don't actually have to have meaning. The mere sound of the words seems to be enough to satisfy some people...


 Squint your eyes to see it better.


Saturday, November 22, 2014



Why men don't do housework...
I've seen my father yank on an old outboard motor for hours when we went fishing as a child.

Sweet dreams...

According to the internet, this happens all the time...

 Did you notice the second guy's cigarette flying off?

Seattle Seahawk disobeys orders...

What a fucking prick! 

 Did you see the dog?
Speaking of...

 That's one of the worst things I've ever seen on the internet.

There are so many of these on line I'm beginning to think they are staged...

Fire with whiskey very risky...

She can officially check "pull a balloon string out of a cat's asshole at 11:30 at night" off her bucket list.

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